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Cryptocurrencies have come a long way since Bitcoin first emerged in 2009. What started as a decentralized digital currency has evolved into an entire ecosystem of blockchain-based assets and financial services. One company at the forefront of this evolution is Stronghold, which is leveraging digital currencies and assets to build the infrastructure for speedy and affordable payments and financing.

In this post, we’ll take a deep dive into Stronghold – its products, services, mission and technology. Read on to learn more about how this fintech company is harnessing the potential of cryptocurrency and blockchain for mainstream finance.

About Stronghold:

Stronghold is a fintech infrastructure company founded in 2017 that aims to bridge digital assets with traditional finance. It builds secure, scalable systems to allow businesses and institutions to leverage the efficiency of cryptocurrency for payments, treasury management and financing.

The company was co-founded by Sean Bennett and Tammy Camp, who together have decades of experience in payments, blockchain technology and financial services. They lead a team of engineers and business talent focused on making digital assets useful for everyday transactions.

Stronghold is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in New York, London and Singapore. It has raised $17 million in funding to date from investors including Pantera Capital, Techstars and Coinshares Ventures.

Stronghold’s Products and Services:

Stronghold offers several products and services to make digital assets more accessible and usable for payments, liquidity and financing. Their main offerings include:

  • Stronghold USD – A USD-pegged stablecoin issued on the Stellar network. It maintains its $1 value through collateralization with other digital assets. Stronghold USD provides a digitally native dollar for blockchain payments.
  • Stronghold Pay – An API-based payments engine that allows companies to integrate digital asset payments into their businesses. It handles currency conversions, compliance, liquidity and more.
  • Stronghold Trading – An over-the-counter (OTC) trading desk that provides quick settlement and best execution for large cryptocurrency trades.
  • Stronghold Capital – Flexible capital and financing solutions for crypto-native companies using digital assets as collateral. Borrows against crypto without having to liquidate holdings.

Together, these products aim to unlock the efficiency and speed of digital currency for mainstream payments, treasury operations and financing needs. Stronghold handles the complexity behind blockchain transactions so businesses can leverage its advantages.

Stronghold’s Mission and Values:

The mission driving Stronghold is using cryptocurrency to create fast, efficient and inclusive global payment rails. As digital assets become more mainstream, they want to build the plumbing that makes moving money as simple as sending an email.

Some key values Stronghold operates under include:

  • Accessibility – Making digital currency solutions understandable and user-friendly for businesses and individuals.
  • Compliance – Meeting legal and regulatory requirements across jurisdictions to ensure secure transactions.
  • Collaboration – Partnering with existing financial institutions to improve outcomes rather than displace them.
  • Environment – Promoting energy-efficient cryptocurrencies and sustainability in the sector.

Stronghold aims to accelerate the real-world utility of digital currency and blockchain, driving mainstream adoption. But it wants to do this through cooperating with incumbent players to find practical solutions.

Stronghold’s Technology:

Stronghold leverages both the Stellar and Ethereum blockchains to offer scalable, efficient cryptocurrency products tailored to financial transactions. Some key technical features include:

Stellar Network – Stronghold uses Stellar as the backbone for its payments products like Stronghold USD. Stellar is known for fast settlement (2-5 seconds), negligible fees and built-in currency conversion. These make it well-suited for high volume payments.

Asset Tokenization – Stronghold USD and other tokens are issued as assets on the Stellar network. This allows instant settlement with low fees. Stellar has the capacity to tokenize real-world assets like fiat currencies.

Smart Contracts – On Ethereum, Stronghold uses smart contracts to create tokens and automate complex financial transactions. This enables services like decentralized lending and collateralization.

Interoperability – Assets can be moved between Stellar and Ethereum through atomic swaps and bridging infrastructure. This connects Stronghold’s offerings across both networks.

By harnessing the strengths of Stellar and Ethereum, Stronghold delivers an efficient backend for digital currency finance. And it does so with transparency and security inherited from the underlying blockchain architecture.

Use Cases for Stronghold:

Stronghold’s offerings enable several practical use cases for organizations looking to leverage the benefits of cryptocurrency:

  • Cross-Border Payments – Banks and payment providers can use Stronghold to facilitate faster and cheaper currency payments across borders.
  • Liquidity Management – Exchanging between fiat and crypto with Stronghold Trading gives businesses liquidity flexibility to enter and exit positions.
  • Supply Chain Finance – Tokenization of invoices on the blockchain creates opportunities to finance receivables in supply chains.
  • Crypto Payroll – Pay employees or contractors in digital currency quickly with Stronghold Pay. Useful for globally distributed teams.
  • Decentralized Finance – Access lending or earn yield on idle crypto balances through Stronghold’s DeFi integrations.
  • Treasury Operations – Stronghold USD provides a stable store of value for corporate treasury needs around payroll, payments and reserves.

By tackling the nuances of blockchain infrastructure, Stronghold makes it simpler for organizations to put these digital currency applications into practice.

Stronghold’s Traction and Growth:

While still an emerging company in the evolving crypto space, Stronghold has seen promising traction:

  • Over $100 million Stronghold USD issued with demand growing since its 2018 launch.
  • Partnered with IBEX Mercado to support crypto payments across Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Acquired blockchain payments provider Ready Ratios to boost digital currency integrations.
  • Works with over 50 institutional clients including banks, hedge funds and crypto companies.
  • Received regulatory approval to offer digital asset financial products and services in multiple US states.

As cryptocurrencies become more mainstream, Stronghold is poised to continue growing its payments volumes, client base and geographic reach. It has built a robust digital currency infrastructure that can scale.

Looking Ahead:

Stronghold sits at the intersection of two powerful trends – the rise of cryptocurrencies and the digitization of finance. By leveraging the efficiency and global nature of digital assets, Stronghold aims to build the plumbing for how money and value move in the future.

While cryptocurrency technology still has progress to make, companies like Stronghold are driving practical adoption and making blockchain more consumable for enterprises and consumers. By abstracting away complexity and providing convenient financial products, Stronghold positions businesses to unlock benefits like:

  • Faster payments at lower costs
  • Enhanced treasury efficiency
  • New financing opportunities
  • Decentralized operations

As digital assets become a bigger part of the financial landscape, companies like Stronghold that embrace this paradigm shift will have the infrastructure in place to offer the services that clients, customers and partners will demand. Keep an eye on this innovative fintech firm as it bridges the gap between pioneering technology and real-world value.


Stronghold represents the continuing evolution of organizations leveraging blockchain to transform finance. By harnessing digital currency and assets for payments, treasury management and financing, Stronghold unlocks unique value for the enterprises it serves.

The company combines deep industry experience with technical innovation rooted in values of accessibility, compliance and environmental stewardship. As cryptocurrencies gain broader traction, Stronghold aims to provide the reliable and regulatory-compliant infrastructure to enable the next generation of digital currency applications.

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